Friday, August 13, 2010

A Nod to Gustav Klimt - Weekend Bag

Noelle Zdepski's Klimt Weekend Bag on Winsor Chair

Noelle Zdepski's Klimt Weekend Bag face detail

Noelle Zdepski's Klimt Weekend bag from the back

Top: I made this bag because I found that the size of a free, poorly-made vinyl bag was the ideal size for packing my clothes for a weekend getaway (or a whole week in the summer). It is knitted, fulled (washing machine felted), and then needle felted and embellished.

Middle: I use two strands of a bulky wool to knit up the bag, and then I used hand-dyed wool and silk roving (strands of fiber), as well as Angelina fiber for the needle felting. I also needle felted some wool yarn that was left over from knitting the bag for the orange swirls. The final touches were beads, just for a little added bling.

Lower: My design was all knitted as far as the shape and the color changes from gray to orange to lime. The pattern changes begin in the back of the bag and continue through the flap. I used two snaps (hidden in the felted design) and metal half ring and clip from the local cobbler's shop.

This pattern will eventually be available for purchase (along with other patterns and finished pieces) at once I get my website updated. I let you know on this blog when the site is ready for business.

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